Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The fruits of my labour

I spent the last weekend scanning my Bali photos (all 116 of them) with my not-so-recently acquired HP all-in-one printer. I find the process tiresome and the result unsatisfactory. An activity that I thought could be done in one day was stretched until 3am Monday morning. "Why did you put yourself through this?", you might ask and I asked the same question myself. The reasons were...
  1. I was so excited to experiment on the scanning function of my printer.
  2. R, who went to Bali with me lives in Seremban and we don't know when she's coming over. So I did it for her mainly.
  3. I always gripe to my friends who cannot post/e-mail photos even though they have the digital camera, the internet access and the time to do it. What goes around comes around. Now I get to feel the pressure.
  4. If I didn't finish it then, I will never finish it ever.

The reason that it took so long for me to do this was because I have to fight for the right of MY computer with my 11-year old nephew. Well I guess it's my fault. I was the one who introduced Emperor to him and now he's hooked too. Being the older relation, I have to mengalah [give way] of course.

I finally 'earned' my right after he went back to his house since tomorrow is a school day. At about 9pm, my parents packed all the kids into the car and leave. At long last I have the house to myself again. {Confused? Read my previous post}

But I still couldn't continue because Discovery was showing this interesting documentary on how the Chinese could be the first ppl to reach the American continent and even circumnavigate the world; 70 years before Christopher Columbus, based on Gavin Menzies' 1421: The Year China Discovered America. It was a 2-hour special so that comes up to 11pm. And then I have to watch The Apprentice of course so I can only continue the project after midnight.

The photos were up on Monday morning, but I was not ready to promote it just yet. Every picture tells a story and my photos have their stories too. So today I announce the official launch of Kampung Gal's photoblog. These photos are the fruits of my labour. Enjoy.

Note: If by any chance you visited it before today, you ain't see nothing yet. Nothing left to do but just see them again. It would be nice to have a celebrity to launch it but then I'll just settle with just me myself and I.

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