Thursday, February 03, 2005

What am I?

Found this link at Ezz's site with very interesting results. My comments in red.

What movie do I belong in?

Bring It On!

I don't think it's true though. Could I be lying at some of the questions? Shocked But I like the movie. Does that count? Hmmm... Let me meditate on this one first...
Well okay maybe it's true. Some of my best memories were when I was in Form 5 and sometimes I do wish that I'm back there again. However, I'm not sure if the boys are still fine
Additional thought (4 Feb): Oh heck, I always wish I'm 17 again so fine, I agree with this result.

Which of the X-Men do I resemble most?
You are Beast of the X-men!

With all that knowledge upstairs it's hard to
relate to people. Sometimes you just find
yourself enjoying a lab expeiriements. you are
an adventurer anda great friend!

Yeah! I'm the genius who's always blue. Awright!

So I think I'm an adventure crew character!

You're Godzilla!

Fancy that! who knew that one day in phsyics class
would spawn a revolution such as you? Keep
chewing on tall buildings. We like you no other

I just knew somewhere deep down inside this introvert kampung girl a monster is brewing.

Which celebrity will I hook up with if I were drunk?


Animated Hearts He's so cute! But wait a minute... I have to get drunk to hook up with him? Damn! Confused

Picture This?
I don't think this is really a quiz and I'm not sure if it's of any significance but this was my first choice.

What the.... Hmm

That was one mindless hour of my life. Can't believe I tried them all. The last time I did one of these quizzes I found out I belong to Gryffindor and I'm Moony (i.e. Prof Lupin from Harry Potter).

What about you? Got some extra time? Check out Quizilla. The link that I got from Ezz was actually a small part of it. There were like gazillion more quizzes on this site. Wow, I foresee more mindless hours coming up.
Crystal Ball
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