Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What's the way to end a race?

Is to start another one.

Yes! Amazing Race 7 will start in March and the things that I'm looking forward to are more bickering, more stupid mistakes and the team of engaged Survivors, Rob and Amber. I can't wait.

Tonight was the finale of Amazing Race 6 and if you haven't seen it stop reading now.

Freddy and Kendra won by a train.

My favorite team, Kris and Jon, was so close. They have the most perfect leg. Kris was able to get the lock on the first round of tries . But they were unlucky enough to get a later flight to Chicago. It was because that ticketing officer who told them they have the fastest flight when they don't. That liar! There was a difference of 30 minutes between F&K's and K&J's flight. But K&J actually arrived 15 minutes earlier while F&K's flight got in 10 minutes late . They both ended up on the same train to Chicago Water Tower.

F&K finished their pizza first but found trouble in getting a taxi. Right about then K&J walked into the pizza place. When F&K did manage to get a taxi the driver didn't know how to go to Ping Tom Memorial! In the meantime, K&J finished their pizza and went straight to a door of a taxi. "Do you know how to go to Ping Tom Memorial?" Jon asked the driver. "Yes." . F&K were lost at this time.

I think Adam said it best right after Kris got the lock opened, "They must have a guardian angel on their shoulder."

Both teams got to the Memorial at about the same time. I thought it's going to be down to a footrace. But a damn train showed up right on K&J's path, and they couldn't get through . So they were the second team to arrive.

I am so broken-hearted. It would be perfect if Kris & Jon were to win. They were the sweetest couple in the whole history of the Amazing Race, they hardly fought, they worked together so well and they were never rude to anyone anywhere, to the locals nor the other team members. Even at the most stressful moment Jon would still say "please" and Kris will always have a "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Just can't help but admire them.

I think Adam (of Adam and Rebecca) is a great observer of this team. Jon & Kris was unlucky enough to get a bad taxi driver who took them on a longer route when they were in Shanghai. Getting down from the taxi, Jon yelled, "That was the worst ride ever!" A&R were yielded at the time so they were not going anywhere. Seeing Jon like that Adam said, "That is the first time I've ever seen them get upset." There was a hint of admiration in his voice.

Well, their luck must have run out after they got that great taxi driver to the Memorial. But I still love you Kris & Jon. If it so happens that your guardian angel got lost along the way, I'm sending this to you.

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