Friday, February 04, 2005

New look

Just like blogs, blog templates are available in the millions from the internet. I was looking for one that I like yet simple enough that I can still tweak it with the limited knowledge of HTML and CCS that I have. After hours of browsing and head-scratching I finally found one.

I visited blogskins before but I found the site a bit tedious because you have to click a lot just to see a sample template. I tried browsing and there were like 10,000++ for "Blogger Main" and 5,000++ for "simple" . Only then did I saw the searchbar (duh). I search "blogger main simple white" and this is the first hit. Silent Dragon likes! . I think it's just perfect and totally embodies the spirit of the Kampung Gal (the old typewriter) in the City (the internet medium).

I played around with it a bit and voila this is what I got. The codes are simple and short (thank God) compared to those that blogger provides. With the little knowledge that I have and with lots of trial and error I finally got it right. Hmm... I guess all those programming courses I took in college have some use after all. So, this is it. I present to you Kampung Gal's new look. It's not perfect yet but I'm pretty darn proud of it. Hey, I slept at 4am last night to get this blog looking this way so be nice.

The designer also has other simple but still nice blog templates (see them here). Checked them all out but still likes this one. I am so grateful that the owner is not so hoohaa about copyright. You can still change them but just leave the link back to her site. Thanks Mela. This blog entry is dedicated to you.

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