Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My take on things

Today's paper triggered so many thoughts and emotions for me. Since I don't know what else to blog about, I'll just blog about those thoughts.


Thought 1: MSC company CEO and 50 million bucks
I wonder if the missing 50mil is the reason why our MSC is not really up to par yet. But then again, the 50mil might go to entertainment expenses and other unnecessaries like a RM20 per ream A4 paper to print unnecessary reports that the CEO will never get to see. How come names are not revealed? That sob deserves all the humiliation he can get. Who cares that he's a foreigner. Everyone deserves equal treatment.

Thought 2: Death of Datuk Syed Ibrahim
How long can they go without mentioning suicide? But is it really suicide? I always thought that 'no foul play' means not a murder case. So next possible explanation is suicide right? But another thing bugs me.

DCP Mustaffa said they have classified the case as sudden death.
This must be a joke right? That guy was shot twice in the abdomen! Now, I don't have much experience with death, but isn't a gunshot wound in the gut the slowest way to die? Anyway, the same article also said that the maid heard a gunshot from the study and then the police came and "following a trail of blood" found the body in the swimming pool. Let me get this straight, the police said it's sudden death and ruled out any foul play. That means the deceased shot himself, died and then walked over to the pool, for a last swim apparently. Unless the study is INSIDE the swimming pool, I think this report is full of contradictions i.e. bull-poo. I can actually see Grissom fuming through his ears if he reads this. He may not even need that surgery after all.

Thought 3: Operations on illegal immigrants cancelled
Everybody was taken by surprise - immigrants and officials. I don't know who's more unhappy, the immigrants for stressing themselves out for nothing looking for ways to dodge the authorities or the officials who are so ready to finally get some action.

Thought 4: Another piracy sting
No wonder I couldn't find any DVDs yesterday. I was really hoping to get the oscar-nominated movies and actually make a well-based prediction. No luck. But what makes this article stand out is that they found some vcds titled Bencana Tsunami, "a compilation of video footage on the recent tsunami". Didn't I say somebody going to make one of these? Wish they could be more creative with the title though.

Thought 5: The Meaning of Everything
This book is available in my shop and I have been flipping it over and over again. I'm fascinated by the power of words and I guess the history of the Oxford Dictionary would make an interesting read. It would also be a very good addition to my collection but it's damn expensive! Cannot read it in the store because it's in the other branch. Cannot bring it over here because it's the only copy left. Hmmm.... maybe one day the boss got so tired of looking at it and slash the price just to get some shelf space. Like the time when I got Ways of Reading for half of its price

Thought 6: Jonathan & Victoria
The infamous 'bad guys' of the Amazing Race 6. Jonathan claimed that editing made him look bad which I think is true. At the beginning I thought, "This man does not deserve any woman (nor man for that matter)." But as I watched them scream and yell their way to the pit stop, I've always wondered how their marriage can lasts for 8 years if he's like that all the time? She would screamed her head off over some cut. I bet she would turn into a banshee if Jon ever laid his hands on her. Some quotes from friends and family could help to clear his image.

Thought 7: American Idol
Just can't wait for them to go to Hollywood


Wow! You made it till the end. Unbelieveable. Hope that was not so bad. Now, go to Petaling Street and see some other blogs awright!

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