Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The perils of a small businessman

God I hate my boss. Why does he like to wait for the very last minute to settle such important things as the bill.

I go to work this morning to a shop that has been locked up by the court. Yes! By the Mahkamah Majistret. It seems that we have a little amount of rental due to the management. So the mgmt asked their lawyer to call up the court to lock up the shop that my boss built. There we were on the first day of work after one week of holiday, not able to work. I don't know if I should be concerned or happy.
Very Confused
This happened so many times already. First the phone, then the electricity and now the shop itself. Then he wonders why this branch is not doing so well.

Afterwards, his wife (whose business shares the same premise) came to the rescue and settled whatever it is that need to be settled. Around 1:30 we were able to go to work at last, but not without some repercussions. It threw her whole feng shui plan for the shop.

One of her staff was suppose to be the first to walk into the shop. She's supposed to ring the golden bell all around the shop and then burn the incense and spread the smoke all over the shop too. But that was not meant to be because
1. Someone came into the shop yesterday and yesterday was an unlucky day for us;
2. She still wasn't the first to come in because the guy who open the shop walked into it right after;
3. She was supposed to do it all within 9 to 11am because that was our ong (lucky) time. Heh! No luck there.
But she did all that needs to be done anyway. It doesn't hurt right? Maybe it will balance out the unluckiness we've been getting. Hopefully we will get back the 'slightly unlucky' status that we had before all this happened.
Oh Well

I need a new job. Know any vacancies??? Any book related company would be fine. But must be executive position. I didn't come this far to become a retail assistant okay. Please post a comment or e-mail me if you know anything. I will be much obliged.

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