Saturday, October 01, 2005

2 down 4 to go

I gotta get thru this
I gotta get thru this
I gotta make it, gotta make it
gotta make it thru

What's worst than working on both weekends?

Working another three days after that.

I don't know how they arrange my schedule but I end up working 6 days in a row which includes both Saturday and Sunday, the 'black days' for any retail worker. I survived Saturday and now I need to get psyched up for Sunday... and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.

And this just has to be the time that R-Mka decided to come to KL. I don't mind that. I figure I needed the break anyway. I haven't seen her for a long time and we got a few unfinished business too. I need to return her Japanese drama vcds that I borrowed since February and give her the Antique Bakery manga that she ordered, and she promised to bring me another Japanese drama vcd that should be enough to keep me entertained for the next three months. It stars that guy who played GTO . I still can't remember his name. Come to think of it, it took me quite some time to remember Yutaka's name . I'm just not good with Japanese names.

But this weekend almost didn't happen when she told me she has to work.
Can you imagine? She would rather work than spend the day with me, the friend that she hasn't seen for a long time, the friend that desperately needs some form of entertainment right now.
What kind of lame excuse is that? "I have to work." There's a reason why the government makes it a law to limit the amount of hours that a worker can work. It's been proven that if you go beyond the limit you can go clinically insane. It's true! I would rue the day when I passed a chance to have fun for work.

Anyway...I just received an sms a moment ago saying that she can come over.

she also told me that she forgot to bring the vcd...

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