Sunday, October 02, 2005

Day of dissapointments

R-Mka came and went, and I didn't even see her. Not only do I not get the Japanese vcd, I didn't get to at least have dinner with her. So boring...

Came back to an empty house. My brother most probably went out with his fiance and my parents most probably went to my cousin's house for her son's birthday party. Man... the food must be great over there...

This is the second birthday party that this particular cousin of mine threw in 2 months. In September, she held a party for ther 2 adopted kids. It was great, the food that is.

There were lots of them. There were roti jala with curry, roti canai, murtabak, spaghetti, big chocolate chip cookies with sugar icing as decorations, a pot of chocolate gold coins, rojak, cendol, fries, mini sausages and 2 huge cakes. Of course the best part was the cakes.

Since they were celebrating 2 kids, there was of course 2 cakes and they were huge. Well, that's what you get when you go to a party thrown by people with money.

One cake was shaped like a rainbow while the other was made up of small colorful cupcakes arranged to form a rainbow. Nice...
They tasted good too.

There were a lot of left-overs in the end, so of course true to tradition we all helped ourselves Image hosted by And I went straight for the cake, even though I was quite malu-malu (shy). But when we reached home and unpacked everything, I realized that I didn't take that much cake at all. I distinctly remember that there was still a lot of cake left especially the rainbow one (the cupcakes were the one to finish first). I guess I'm still not good in the art of tapau.

Anyway, the point that I want to make is I hope my folks would pull out all their tapau-ing skills and bring me something good for tonight. At least bring me some cake. If not, it would be another dissapointment on my list.

Oh, I must add another one. A few days ago my boss grouped us all together and discussed about Raya holidays. She mentioned that one of us Malay staff must work on the Sunday after Raya and I had this funny feeling that it was going to be me. And guess what, I was not dissapointed this time. So, only three Raya holidays for me.

Update: 8:08 PM: My parents didn't go to the party but they went grocery shopping. Among the rice and soaps, there wasn't anything special... except for a half of a watermelon. That's not so bad.

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