Sunday, October 30, 2005

The weird bunch

The other day I went out on a limb and join my friend for buka puasa with a bunch of strangers at least for my part. The event was organized by the guy she's currently dating and she wanted me to meet him. He's a doctor, good looking but supposedly confused about his sexual preference i.e. is he gay or not? He even admitted to my friend that he's attracted to her contract fiance.

You remember My Best Friend's Wedding where Julia Roberts made a pact with her guy friend to get married if they haven't found anyone at a certain age. I forgot the details. For simplicity's sakes I will call it a contract wedding, and the intended, contract fiance. Well my friend signed up for one of this contract wedding, her idea actually, with a good friend who happens to be relatively open about being gay. He has a boyfriend and she knows about it.

This friend of mine, let's call her N, seems to have a lot of gay friends because I met more of them for this buka puasa at Kelantan Delight KLCC.

We started the day by getting our hair done. Well, she had her hair done, I just desperately needed a haircut and this place I frequent is terribly cheap albeit quite far from my house. Wash and cut for RM17, where in KL can we get that? Then off we go to KLCC at about 4pm to catch a movie at 4:30. I wanted to watch Doom but she wanted to watch Goal. Image hosted by no football movie for this gal. So we took the middle road and agreed on Transporter 2. But I don't know what she did when she booked the tickets online, Transporter 2 was not at 4:30, it was 5:15. Not enough time until buka puasa.
"What's on at 4:30 then?"
she asked.
, said the person at the counter.
"I guess I'm doomed then."
Image hosted by
So that's how we ended up watching Doom. Hehe some things are just meant to be. More on the movie if I have the mood to blog about it.

After the movie, we met up with her friend who's going to join us for the buka puasa. Total, four guys and all of us headed to Kelantan Delight where another friend is waiting.

The next part might be confusing. Heck I'm still confused so just bear with me.

After a while, the table started to fill up minus a few. The doctor (the guy that N wanted me to meet) couldn't come because of an emergency operation and another girl, O was going to be late. N's fiance was invited but he couldn't make it. By 7pm there was 9 of us.

Looking around the table I thought, man I couldn't be with a weirder bunch than this. Keep in mind that not all of us at the table actually knew each other. Most of us just met each other for the first time that night. Me and N were seated next to each other at the middle of the table laid out for 12. On N's right are the four guys we met earlier consists of her friend with his boyfriend and his ex-boyfriend with his current boyfriend. Ok, let me rephrase that, beside N is B1 with his bf B2, in front if B2 is B1's ex-bf, B3 and next to him is B3's current bf B4. Got that? Good. Let's move on.

Seated in front of me slightly to the left, there's this girl who works at the same office as B1. This girl, as N described her to me, is a pengkit but not really a pengkit. If I'm not mistaken a pengkit is a tomboy lesbian (someone better help me here, I'm too kampung to know about this stuff). Definitions aside, she really looks like a man, if she doesn't go around with her real name I can go on the whole night thinking she's a man. However, N told me that she has expressed her desire to be married and have a family (with a man to set the record straight) but realized that her appearance doesn't help. Let's move on.

On the left and right of this girl sat her two friends. On her right is her old friend from school Juan aka Juanita (not his real name). Yes he's one of those effeminate guys. Ok, ok I'll say it... he's a maknyah, I don't know what's the politically correct term for them. And on her left is Juanita's roommate another maknyah. They sure do talk a lot. It was like they haven't seen each other for years. It's interesting listening to them. But after a while, their conversation turned into a friendly bicketing on who left the condom by the bedside table last night which was when I stopped listening and pretend I haven't heard that.

Then O finally turned up, better late than never. This girl I do know from my student days. But as time passed and we all went abroad and came back, she got more affiliated with N than me. She was a colleaque of N's ex-boyfriend and after awhile started to hang around with the same bunch of people as N. O also has something special going on. She's jealous that N has a fiance, no matter that he's gay, that she wanted a gay contract fiance for herself and she's got her eye on B1. I don't know if it's suppose to be a joke among friends or she was being really serious, but I was so overwhelmed with all these new people and strange lifestyles to believe that she was serious.

So there I was with four gay men, a pengkit who's not really a pengkit, 2 maknyahs, a girl short of her contract fiance and a girl who's looking out for a contract fiance. Where do I fit in with this picture? I was supposed to meet N's friend who didn't turn up and of course I was there for the food Image hosted by

Hehe... If I was somewhere outside of Malaysia, I could turn this bunch into a movie.


Desparil said...

adoi.. peningnye..

Summersnail said...

lol! kampung gal, if it was any consolation, i hope dinner was good.

Kampung Gal said...

erm... it wasn't :(