Friday, October 07, 2005

Want to see some faces?

When I started this blog I wanted to be as anonymous as possible therefore no real names no pictures of me or anyone I know. But I found a way to post some photos with people and yet safe enough that their identities would not be known (I hope). I'll just post these few for now and see how it goes. If anyone should manage to recognize anyone in these photos, let me know but don't go stopping people on the streets and asked, "Do you know Kampung Gal?"

I can definitely tell you now, no one in my family knows who Kampung Gal is Image hosted by

This is the picture of 5 of my 13 'broods' or anak buah taken a few years ago. See that tallest kid? He's taller than me now and still growing. I don't know how anyone can grow any taller. See the shortest kid? She looks exactly like my mother when she was at that age.

She's the only third generation who shows any sign of being related to my family. The rest, all 12 of them, inherit features from the other side of the family including Mak Jr's elder sister who was standing beside her. The three boys, from right to left, are the eldest for my two sisters and eldest brother respectively. The first, second and forth from the left are siblings. Since then, 7 more members have been added into this family. And if you're curious as to how they look like, I can only say that they all look like their eldest brother.

A lot of people have said that I look like my mother. I was surprised when I had a friend said that I have my mother's features but my father's face shape. Before that I never thought that I could resemble anyone but my mother. In fact, every single one of my siblings look like my mother except for the eldest. But he doesn't look like my father either. He may look like my mother's real father. But there's no way for us to know since she was adopted when she was a baby and never knew who her real family was.

I still don't think that I resemble my father at all. But I do feel that I inherit his interest in music, photography and writing. He plays a few musical instruments which he learned on his own. I didn't inherit his talent with musical instrument Image hosted by but I still have great appreciation for any kind of music. He took a lot of photos of the family that we have a whole section in the cabinet full of albums and he writes in his diary almost everyday. He usually writes a detailed account of what happened everyday: what time he woke up, what he did, who he had seen. I don't know if they have any of his personal thoughts. None of us has really read his diaries thoroughly and we don't know if he minded us reading them. He never said anything and we never asked.

That's me... with my mother's look and sharing my father's hobby.

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Desparil said...

amboi.. cutenye..

Kampung Gal said...

masa kecik je cute :p

Desparil said...

kecik cute.. besar... lagi cute!

Kampung Gal said...

you talking about me or the kids?

If the kids, kecik cute dah besar nightmare!

If about me, kecik cute dah besar... cute jugak le kot *lol*

Desparil said...

both! heheh