Sunday, October 02, 2005

There goes the station

Remember I mentioned Fly Fm a few posts back?

If you've been under the tempurung without access to a radio these past few months, our radio waves are hit with a new station recently called Fly FM. I think they broadcast from the KLIA because they keep saying, "Straight from KLIA, this is Fly FM"

The station's tagline is "50 minutes of non-stop music", but I guess starting tomorrow that's going to out of the window.

Right now they are pumping out messages that Fly Guy is making a comeback in the Big Bang Morning Show starting 3rd October.

First come the messages, then come the DJ, then come the advertisements.

Come on, of course they can say "no interruptions" now. But don't you dare tell me that they're going to say no if a sponsor is interested to give them some moola in return for a mere 30 seconds of their time.

Anyway, I got a question, does Fly Guy own Fly Fm? You know... Fly Guy, Fly Fm...


Anonymous said...
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Desparil said...

just listened to him this morning.. not the same as when he was on the.. um.. other station with lil kev..

p/s- dont think he owns the station.. i think they name it flyfm cos it's based in klia?