Sunday, October 09, 2005

The first meal

Just got back from my first Ramadhan buffet this year and it was quite Image hosted by for a RM45++ buffet.

I was interested with Shrooms/Starz (whatever you call it, I'm not really knowledgable when it comes to hanging out places) at KLCC at the recommendation of a friend. She went there last year and she said it was good. Even though the price is a bit steep she said the menu is impressive. Since Shrooms also serve sushi, I can't wait to give it a try. Then, ST sms-ed me yesterday wanting to hang out. I was working today so the only 'hanging out' that we can do is buka puasa and of course I suggested Shrooms.

We reached the restaurant at about 6:55 because ST just have to buy a mini bookend from Kinokuniya. We were still picking out food for our first plate when we heard the azan. So yeah, we buka like 30 seconds late.

At first glance, I can see that what my friend said was true. There were many, many tables housing different types of food. I only get to check out the fruits, desert, mixed rice and sate (which was like next to our table). At second glance I saw yong tau foo, ice cream, and ABC. After a while when the plates in front of us are half empty, I finally get to get a really good look around. Then I saw the salad table, laksa, jeruk and sushi. Not a bad range.

However, sad to say that I only get to eat yong tau foo and some lauk from the mixed rice table i.e. roast beef, kung paw chicken and ikan bawal (oh yeah... no rice for this girl tonight Image hosted by I ate a lot of fruits, one scoop of ice-cream, 2 pieces of sushi, some jeruk and glass after glass of juice, I think I tasted everything from the drinks table. There were sugar cane, soya bean, mango, lychee, and orange). The usual hot drinks like tea and coffee are also available.

After we can't take another bite, I asked ST for a review of the buffet. The food is ok, she said, but the place is not really a place to sit and relax. It is a place to be seen. If you want a good place to eat while having a nice chat with friends while you lay back on the chair, wait for the food to digest so that you can eat some more, this is not the place.

I guess what she said is true. Especially when I have to strain my ears to catch what she's saying above the loud live band. It was like the band was singing for us to leave. The chairs are uncomfortable and the table arrangement is quite packed. It's a bit difficult to manouver around the tables with 2 plates in your hands and kids running around.

However, I think buffets are more fun if a bunch of people go together. Not just the two of you like what ST and I did. Whatever it is. the place was still not that nice. Not worth RM45++.

So for Shrooms Ramadhan buffet, I wouldn't recommend it unless someone is footing the bill Image hosted by

PS: When will PPS starts operating again? I'm on a roll here. I've been blogging almost everyday this week but no place to show off. That Amazing Race post can easily get 100 hits Image hosted by

I know, I know, blogging is not for the audience. But I'm not famous like Kenny Sia or Afdlin (yet! q Beverly Hills song here Image hosted by They get hundreds of visitors without even trying. I can't help but feel a wee bit happier when the visitors graph spiked to the hundreds. Oh well, life's like that I guess...


Desparil said...

hmm.. thanks for the info. haven't been to any buffets yet this year. usually, there will be a few invites.

*strikes off shrooms off the list*

Desparil said...

oops.. forgot to say that.. tak baik menunjuk tau.. hehe